Arnold Goes on the Go

So for tonight’s #thinkingfit walk I decided to bring my bassett hound Arnold along with us. What a mistake. I knew from previous walks around our neighborhood that he’s a freak about smells and meeting new dogs, so I don’t know what made me think he’d be ok walking downtown through Billy Joel/Elton John fans and KU/K-State fans. We got two blocks from the office and Arnold decided to well, do his business right on the sidewalk. Luckily no one seemed to step in it. My reaction was just total shock. Kris went in to Emerson Biggins to pick up some napkins and I picked up the stuff. I guess it would have been nice to have a dog bag dispenser in that location. We took a detour around the crowd and walked over to the INTRUST Bank Arena and Commerce Street. We ended our walk with dinner at Rain; which has a very delicious chicken schwarma. Arnold sat on the patio with us as we ate. Despite the poo and the urge to smell everyone in town he had a good time and we had a very interesting walk to say the least.

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