Back in the groove

After a rockin’ spring break road trip to the Gulf Coast, I was looking forward to our Monday workout with Robbie. I felt like I had been fairly good over break considering I spent hours of each day walking everywhere (including barefoot on the beach). Robbie warmed us up with our usual stints on the rowing machines, stretched us out and then put us to work.

We jumped right into three rounds of cobra push-ups, lunges and touch-the-sky crunches and a jog to the end of the block and back. Then of course back to more exercises. I was introduced to the hyper extension bench to work out my lower back. Allow me to paint a picture for you. I put my ankles between two cushioned rolls with my legs straight, my hips rest on another cushioned roll and then your torso and head dangle at height of about three or four feet. Then, using your back muscles you pull yourself up so that you are parallel to the ground. Robbie assured me I wouldn’t fall and the stand wouldn’t tip— and he was right of course. They were actually kind of fun. The other station was what Kristen and I deemed “ab-rollers” because they reminded us of the exercise machines from the infomercials. We rolled the bench press bars on floor with our arms as far out as we could go and then pulled back in. One more rousing jog to the end of the block and we were done.

Today I am really sore (pretty much everywhere) but a good kind of sore. The kind where you know you got some serious work done the day before.

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