Blending Online and Local Marketing Efforts

With the emergence of this massive wave of social media in the marketing world, online has been getting all the attention as the go-to place for brand promotion. Although, local marketing efforts are extremely important to many businesses.

With the noise and sheer volume of how many users are on the internet, it sometimes can seem as if local promotions could be done best offline. Though there are many online tactics that a brand can use that also apply to the local market.

Looking for local groups in online social networks, such as a Facebook page for your local community, can help to target some of your local consumers online. Being active on these pages or in these lists can help your brand take full advantage of the web and social media while still engaging your local audience.

Using location-based social media, a new and emerging technology in social networks, can help promote local business while still utilizing online marketing techniques. Applications such as Gowalla allow users to check in to places they visit (hopefully your business), and offering incentives for those who do can bring great results.

All in all, with the buzz of the internet taking over in the marketing world, it’s still important to remember your local consumer base. For many brands, they are what drive the company, and marketing efforts need to continue to be targeted in their direction.

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