Can I get an “ADDY” up in here?

With the early bird deadline for the Wichita ADDYs quickly approaching, agencies and freelancers are looking through their work from this past year trying to find entries that will make the cut and earn the coveted ADDY award.

This year Kris had the chance to judge the Tulsa ADDY awards. Wanting to get a better idea of the process, I tagged along and saw some of the great work coming from the Tulsa market. I also got to chat with the other judges to see what they are looking for in the entries.

Greg Lakloufi, executive director of The LTV Group, first looks at the purpose of the entry. What is it for? Who is the intended audience? Then he assumes the role as the intended consumer to determine what, if any, action is needed and if it was effective. He told me that sometimes creatives try to hard to make the piece look too outstanding, when the message called for something a bit simpler.

I asked Greg if he had any advice for people entering the ADDY awards. Below is his response to students who are considering entering this year.

Being a part of the judging process I realized how important it is for entrants to follow the rules and guidelines. Here are two tips that can ensure that your entry is judged fairly and accurately.

  1. Put your entry in a clear envelope. If your entry is in a manilla envelope there is a chance it a component of it may be missed. The name of the entry needs to be visible from the outside of the envelope.
  2. If you are entering a category that requires only a DVD make sure that your entry is formatted to play when it is put into a computer or DVD player. This ensures that everything that is supposed to play does.

You can download the 2010/2011 Wichita ADDYs rules and guidelines at

Good luck and I can’t wait to see your entries.

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