Color with Meaning

I see color like I see dark chocolate M&M’s just waiting for me to eat them or brand new crayons in a color box just waiting to be used, basically colors excite me. There’s nothing like the feeling of opening a brand new box of crayons and seeing all those pretty new points staring back at me. It’s like an accomplishment to feel that never before used crayon on a sheet of paper.

 I would consider myself a child at heart and I think that’s why I get so excited over M&M’s and seeing what color I get out of the bag or getting a new set of crayons. Relating my obsession with a childhood past time I see the connection of colors in my everyday world.

I love the ability colors have to change our mood and make us feel something in a very silent way, subconsciously. I love knowing that a color used when designing anything for a client has an impact on the way the recipient of the message takes in the message. I believe there is a true connection between the basics of colors and the meaning they portray. The colors I see most often in print advertising (which is my favorite form of advertising) are black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and brown. I’m only going to mention a few of these colors and that’s because I think they’re the most used colors in a crayon box.


I’m partially bias towards red because I think it’s the best color out there, but red has the power to increase heartbeat and can cause someone to fight or flee. It demonstrates passion, excitement, heat, and is often worn or used when something needs to get noticed. Personally, I’m not sure what this says about my as a person but I know when I’m feeling like I could conquer the world I wear red. I think when designing an ad or material that needs to stand out red should be somewhere in there.

This color is considered tranquil, calming, and loyalty and that’s why I believe when people are near the ocean they feel calm, the colors of the ocean and sky line meeting, that constant line of many shades of blue can’t help but make someone feel relaxed.

This is not only a color but it has become a symbol of who we are, as organizations and individuals, what we are doing to help save the environment in which we live. The color green has the capability of demonstrating wealth, makes individuals think of nature or the environment, it is also said to be the most pleasing on the eye.

I believe when advertisers are trying to do the best job they can as communicators they need to select the color accordingly more than what is visually appealing. The colors need to be able to subconsciously portray a meaning while effectively communicating this message. For me, this goes back to the basic rules of coloring as a child: select a color by the mood I’m in and the message I want the color to send. This is why I think just as every adult should hang on to their childhood they should also have a good box of crayons. As I prepare to finish up my senior year of college I understand I won’t have a brand new box of crayons to take to class with me, but I will have the knowledge of the importance of each color. (And maybe, just maybe I will buy myself a box of crayons!)


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