Creating Your Personal Brand

Last Friday, I attended the PRSA Professional Development Day hosted by the American Red Cross Blood Services. (Two conferences in one week, lucky me!) The speakers included Ramsey Mohsen and Neil Sharma of Digital Evolution Group, Dr. David Kamerer, Assistant Professor at Loyola University school of Communication, and Jesse Huxman, Director of Content at KPTS. The conference also included a panel of Wichita professionals who have used SM to expand their presence in the area.

This post will be focused around Ramsey’s presentation of creating your own personal brand. Establishing your personal brand will help define relationship with others, tell your story more effectively and increase your “findability.”

Step 1: Understand and evaluate how you are perceived by your peers.

Step 2: See what Google says about you.

Step 3: Identify your objectives, find out what are your strongest traits and find out what is remarkable about you. Is it your sense of humor, your love of high-end purses? Play off your best qualities. To go along with that, ultmately, you have to come to terms with what you are NOT. Sincerity and being genuine will get you far in the SM world. As Joseph Campbell said, “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Step 4: Make a plan. Share information right and share it often by using the 4:1 rule. The act of sharing is a fundamental block of personal branding. The 4:1 states that for every one social object that is about you there needs to be four social objects that are either informative, inspirational, entertaining, engaging. remarkable or that promotes others.

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