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Tired of doing the same old thing? Do you wish you would branch out and be more daring?

Today Kris took the challenge to try something different and out of the ordinary for her. While flipping through Real Simple magazine, a necklace caught Kris’ eye. Pretty gold, pearls and metallic colors of the multi-layered necklace stood out to her; as did the whopping $1,000+ price tag. Using her imagination she went to Target to see how closely she could come to replicating the fashion. With no luck at Target she ventured on to what many ladies would call the “cave of wonders.” At Accessory City she found several necklaces ranging from $7-20 that completed her knock-off version of the $1,000 necklace. Her total came to $51 and looks almost identical.

As she walked in the office this morning I saw she was wearing an assortment of necklaces; a rarity for this woman who is generally accessory-free. When she showed me the photo that inspired the divergence, I was amazed at how identical the necklaces were.

This scenario is similar to building and implementing a communications plan. How many times are we limited by a client’s budget, a design constraint or a rush job? Everyday. These limitations force us to think more creatively to find a solution that will boast results.

For an effective communication plan we must always look at what is most important to invest in. Whether it’s more time and money in social media, advertising, branding, public relations or consumer research be sure it fits the outcome you want to achieve.

Being creative and trying something different can have great rewards. Kris was excited about the compliments she received at the Bon Jovi concert from people she had never met before. By doing something different, she was able to make connections that may never have crossed her path.

Your business should also be focused on branching out and trying something different. You never know who you might run into that will help build the awareness your business needs to continue to grow.

Can you tell which one the higher-priced necklace?

Cheap or Chic? Cheap or Chic?
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