Eating Seasonably

Nutrition is a big part of #ThinkingFit. It’s important to remember that exercise alone isn’t going to help you lose weight. I have to confess that I’ve fallen off the wagon this week. I think everyday I consumed Chinese food for lunch or dinner. I just love Chinese food; it’s my weakness. Also how can you blame me, the portions are big enough for two meals.

Today I stumbled across Eat Seasonably, a website that guides you in choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season now. The interactive calendar lets you choose by month or type of produce to learn what’s in season so you can have the best taste for the best value. Through our CSA and the Farmer’s Market we are able to eat locally and in season. Of course, not everyone has time to visit the market on Saturday mornings, but it’s important to know what’s in season even at your local grocery store.

Another great aspect of this website is the section that teaches you how to grow your own produce. I’ve tried to grow in my backyard before, but was not successful. I’m thinking about giving it a go again. Being healthy isn’t just about the body, it also includes taking time to focus on the mind and spirit. To help me do this I’ve decided to grow a pumpkin and now is the perfect time to plant. By devoting time to this project, I hope to have a holistic experience.

This modern simplistic website helped me realize that it’s time to get back to nature and start feeding my body the nutrition it deserves.

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