Everyone’s doing it.

It was pleasant but certainly not surprising to see Chad McClure at the gym this afternoon. After all, it was his officemates Justin McClure and Dominic Flask who recommend Robbie Ray to me when I told them our team was going to start Thinking Fit together.

Today wasn’t the first day others have shared the gym with us. There’s a strong community that meets regularly to go through the list of exercises their trainer posts for them on the white board at the entrance. It’s simultaneously reassuring and motivating that people are working to be fit.

Somewhat challenging for me is keeping my food logs on the weekends. In a short period of time I’ve grown to rely on this simple practice to make me more aware of what I eat and when I eat it. But we don’t keep track on the weekends and without a regimented schedule in place, I’m finding it hard to drink water each hour and eat a little something every couple of hours. Absolutely room for improvement.

I am however already seeing and feeling a difference in my body. Although each workout is challenging, I know I’m getting stronger and improving each time. It’s a process.

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