Freestyle Motocross Gravity Slashers

Freestyle motocross is not something I ever considered doing as a career, but the guys in Gravity Slashers put their bodies in harms way to entertain us for a living. The sport just comes natural to them. At a young age these “daredevils” created their own ramps in their backyard attempting jumps, sometimes everyday after school, as a hobby. Once they got older and discovered their passion for the sport they began practicing and implementing tricks and flips creating a routine.

It was a thrill to see these guys in the air doing hart attacks and cliffhangers. I could feel my stomach getting tense and I remembered back to when I was a kid attempting a jump off a ramp on my bicycle and ending up with three stitches. That was living dangerously enough for me. Watching these guys land every jump made me realize that to be good at this sport you must practice several hours a day and it’s key to be confident that you will make the jump.

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