Hit the Ground Driving

It was only two days into my gig with Start-Thinking when a client called with a challenge, “I need 26 nice chairs that are different from anything I have ever used and I need them in two days for a noon luncheon.” I’m always up for a challenge so I hit the ground running driving.

I showed our client some options and we decided on a brown leather parsons chair.

I checked local sources and several had onesies or twosies but no one in town could deliver 26 chairs in 24 hours. One of our vendors has multiple locations and if I wanted to do some driving around, they could supply a handful of chairs locally. If I wanted to do some serious driving around, I could get all 26 chairs from one vendor, but in multiple locations between Wichita and Kansas City. I got serious, rented a truck, and with help from Neal we were able to get all the chairs into the boardroom on time for the luncheon.

Thinking our work was done, Neal and I were halfway out the door when the client approached me and asked if we might be able to whip up a centerpiece before the meeting, which started in 30 minutes. Oh how I love a challenge. While Neal was driving racing to the nearest florist, I called them to walk them through the design I had in my head. Their crew assembled, Neal (who by his own admission knows nothing about flowers other than that they need water) interpreted with a play by play, I gave directions over the phone and presto, we had a centerpiece. Neal drove raced back to the client’s boardroom, placed the arrangement in the center of the conference table and with two minutes to spare, our event was set up.

There you have it, my  first event as Director of Events and Experiences with Start-Thinking.

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