Holiday Brand

Have you ever considered your holiday “brand?” Seriously, think about it: Most people have a certain way they like to decorate for the holidays, a theme or a brand. Some go for a contemporary look using gold, silver and red. Some like it country, with lots of plaids and stuffed bears in wagons. And some, like myself, go for the “a little bit of everything” which mainly includes homemade Christmas decorations and ornaments made by a five and six year old. Our friend, Patsy Terrell, embraces the “little bit of everything” brand. Check out her Christmas tree in her Oct. 15 blog post. 

Often, the brand doesn’t stop with decorations or table settings. How one wraps presents is an extension of a holiday brand. We all have at least one friend whose gifts are always marvelously wrapped, right? And when you are lucky enough to receive one of these perfect packages, you feel extra good because you know someone took extra care to meticulously tie that bow just right. These are the people you most look forward to receiving gifts from because they understand that the act of giving means just as much (and sometimes more) than the gift itself.  

Frank & Margaret can help you define, expand, re-invent or even abandon your brand this year. On Dec. 7, Dec. 15 and Dec. 21, this design emporium in College Hill is hosting wrap-a-thons, allowing customers dip into to their holiday stash of wrapping supplies. For $25, wrappers can use wrapping paper, ribbon, basic supplies, as well as a kit of embellishments and other accessories to wrap all of their holiday gifts. Don’t think you have what it takes? At Frank & Margaret, creativity is at a premium. The staff at the one-year old store is brimming with ideas and inspiration and can offer even the most creatively challenged easy and fun ways to spice up their holiday gifts. 

What’s your holiday brand?

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