Is Your Business Social?

One of the oldest bits of information in advertising is to be where your customers are. If you have a product that is targeted at the elderly, your marketing department should know better than to place the ┬ácommercials on Cartoon Network. Today though, we see quite an interesting thing happening. There is one place that exists in which all age groups, all ethnicities, and all different types of people are gathering. This place is known as the ‘social network’. How can your company utilize this magnificent tool?

Be social, that’s how. There’s a major difference in how marketing is handled inside the social network: you have to interact. Social networks remove businesses from their old positions as separate from the consumer, and put them right into the mix. As a business, having a Facebook profile or Twitter account allows users (consumers) to add you as a friend to their list, putting your company on (almost) the same level as some of their personal friends.

The important thing to remember is to interact, and stay current. If you’ve built a following of people on the social network, you want to keep them interested, and give them a reason to interact with you as well. Posting updates on things related to your field and offering help or advice to those in need are ways of building a good online reputation that shows people that your business is trustworthy.

So is your business social? You have to be outgoing and positive in your experience with social media, otherwise you just seem like a wallflower. Go out there and get involved with your consumers, show them that your company and it’s people are normal just like they are, and that there is much for you to connect on. All in all, be friendly, be helpful, and a positive reputation will follow.

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