It’s always an adventure.

Working out with Robbie Ray is always an adventure. We never know what muscles we’re going to work or how much we’re going to sweat. But I like that about our group fitness sessions; it keeps the experience fresh.

Now that the winter has moved over for spring, we’ve moved our Friday workouts from the gym to the streets, parking lots and plazas of Wichita’s Oldtown district. It’s a real treat and all are invited to join us on Fridays in April. We meet at the northeast corner of Museum of World Treasures at 3pm. Bring water, a towel and a camera if you want to document your experience and/or be a guest blogger here.

Oops! That's my thumb. I can't walk and take pictures at the same time.

While we were working out, the crew was setting up for the first anniversary concert of First Friday. It looked to all of us like a fun time (alas, I’m rolling five gallons of paint this weekend so won’t be going anyplace except Lowe’s). I also noticed that someone rode their bike to work. Very cool and I’m sure Kristen was glad to learn she’s not the only one pedaling to work.

To give you an idea of what an urban workout looks like, here’s a list of what we did today:

– brisk walk for one block
– loosen up: shoulder rolls; hip rotations; knee rotations; ankle rotations
– easy run for one block
– 25 jumping jacks; shoulder push-ups (today we did this in front of Playa Azul)
– easy run for a block and a half
– 3 sets of 5 exercises with a walk around the plaza in between each set: cobra push-ups; jumping jacks; lunges; leg raises; Jimi Hendrix (an ab exercise that reminds me of Purple Haze so I call it Jimi Hendrix).
– stretch
– walk two blocks back to our office

Today’s workout wasn’t too intense but it got me moving and gave me an energy boost. It was a perfect day to be outdoors, especially with Robbie and my Start-Thinking pals. Join us!

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