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It is no surprise that interactive media keeps the attention of visitors longer than static content. As long as the content is engaging, interesting and rewarding, the audience will stay. This is, of course, one of the main objectives of marketing communications: engage the audience so they clearly understand your message.

Doing this is not easy. People are busy and have lots of distractions. Good sources of information are abundant so engagement is that much more difficult. We see this every day with television advertising. Viewers mute the volume, walk away and TiVO-through commercials. But Superbowl Sunday is one exception to this where we watch for an hour before and after the big game and even use the bathroom during game play just to see innovative and engaging advertisements.

Another exception that is becoming more mature with growing use are online messages wrapped in engaging games and exercises. A new one that I’ve been introduced to is Toyota’s Prius Hybrid Virtual Drive where you are challenged to drive efficiently in a virtual Prius. The message from Toyota is what a great car the Prius is and its attributes are reinforced throughout the challenge. They remind you that the battery is charged when you press the brake, the car is smooth and quiet on cobblestone streets, smooth acceleration and braking saves gas, the air conditioning still runs even when the car automatically turns itself off – all important messages that they want you to understand. They also don’t want you to run over pedestrians. The wrapper that Toyota has put around this game is an important part in audience engagement. The tasks of the game are done with a backdrop in four areas of Japan. Places where most of us have never been. Streetscapes and images are presumably somewhat accurate.

Take a look at Toyota’s game and think about how much you get from the experience and how much they get from your engagement.

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