Ken again, mining for data

Last spring I met Ken Miner of Spiral 16 at Free State Social. As we were talking, we discovered we’d see each other again soon at the PRSA Counselors Academy spring conference. We’ve stayed in touch (primarily through a variety of social networks) and were able to connect again today as Ken drove through Wichita on his way to a college football game in Oklahoma.

Because I enjoy connecting people, I offered to put together an informal lunch. There were 13 of us and we had a good time talking about a variety of topics revolving around digital media, including how Spiral16 helps clients gather in-depth business intelligence from the Internet.

With data doubling every 18 months, comprehensive monitoring is as rapidly growing in importance. Ken explained that the data Spiral 16 collects is divided into these six buckets:

  • Social (includes applications like Facebook and Twitter and also forums)
  • Blogs
  • News
  • General (including Wikipedia and corporate websites)
  • Shopping/E-Commerce
  • Video

At lunch and then later when Ken and I returned to the Start-Thinking office, we discussed how the data Spiral 16 collects can be applied to brand development. Ken cited a brand that had spent millions on a tagline only to learn from Spiral 16 that the tagline wasn’t resonating in the online realm. Imagine if that same company had listened to and evaluated online conversations in advance of developing a tagline.

We looked at some searches that had been conducted during the recent mid-term elections. It was fascinating to see which candidates controlled the rhetoric surrounding their respective elections. In all instances, it was the candidate with the most control and the greatest online presence that won.

Ken cited three brands that are doing an admirable job engaging in the digital web:

Ken recommended three blogs:

Businesses use Spiral16′s monitoring software to discover trends, monitor corporate identity, measure advertising campaigns, generate leads and sales, conduct research for new business and manage crises. Spiral16′s monitoring software can be a powerful tool for your business. Go to their Clients page to learn more.

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