Midwest Contractor’s Expo ’08 – Branding Before and After

Every year the Kansas Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association holds an EXPO. This year I was asked to adapt the brand of the event so that it would appeal to a larger variety of people associated with the organization. This was probably one of the most challenging branding projects I have faced since I have been at Start-Thinking. The biggest problem that I faced with this project was that other that the fact that I take a shower everyday and use a heater and an air conditioner, I have no experience at all with anything related to plumbing, heating or cooling.

I really like to familiarize myself with things before I start with branding so that I know that I am not missing anything – even something subtle – that may be a critical part of the brand. As I was doing my research on the direction I wanted to take this event branding, I was suddenly struck with what to do. I have noticed many things lately have been simple yet still very effective. Somehow that struck a chord with me and led me to the eventual outcome: the clean, modern look of what we created last year but industrialize for a better fit with the industries represented by KPHCC.

Identity – Before

Identity -After

EXPO Packet – Before

EXPO Packet – After

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