Not All Personal Trainers Are The Same

I have a fairly limited experience with personal trainers. Over the years I’ve had different ideas about what to expect. There’s the drill sergeant, the encouraging words of wisdom, and the exercise video “3 more… 2 more… 1 more… OK.” This week marks the start an 8-week program with Robbie Ray at Fitness with Robbie Ray.

My initial kick-off session and a first real workout session with Robbie and my co-workers told me how trainers and programs can be so different.

I’ve joined the YMCA twice before and as such, they have offered a few sessions with a personal trainer with the new membership. It sounded like a good way to get started and I took them up on it. Robbie started me out with some warm-up on a rowing machine and a handful of physical tests – measuring flexibility and strength/endurance in different muscle groups. It reminded me of the YMCA kick-offs. Similar tests and measurement.

Robbie’s approach today was quite different. His preparation, personal attention, positive approach and focus on the exercise was so different than the scheduling mistakes and “let me know if you need anything” I’ve experienced before.

To each his own for sure, but I’m glad I’ve found a trainer with a style that I think will fit me well.

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