Preparing for the CLARUS awards

Kris recently wrote about our ADDY award winnings. As I have been preparing our work for the Clarus awards, it is a great reminder how important it is to organize and keep track of your public relations efforts, and media and awareness generated from your work

The Clarus awards require a one page summary of your project, including planning, execution and results. So, how was I supposed to remember what I did six, eight or 10 months ago? I pulled out my trusty client binders where we keep track of all of our efforts. Ah yes, now I remember…wow, I had forgotten how much media coverage the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame’s Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936 received. And there’s that fun full page article about the Heart of America Men’s Chorus 1960s concert Feelin’ Groovy. And one of my favorite projects, Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day, earned a lot of local attention as well.

As I was browsing through, I’ve come up with a few campaigns that really hit the mark in 2008:

Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936

This was the mother of all projects, garnering more than 50 media hits for the opening of the exhibit. Read the case study.

Who could forget Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day? Read the case study by Start-Thinking’s Museum Day master Neal Smith.

Another favorite was Frank & Margaret, a retail store in College Hill. Owner Emily Christensen has been busy with special events at her store. Since Kris wrote this blog about voting, owner Emily Christensen was interviewed by a local TV station.

And after writing this wrap-a-thon entry, another local tv station requested Emily for a segment on their morning show, and locals have been “twittering” about the event.

It’s important to keep a running list of media coverage and efforts for a couple of reasons: 1) It makes remembering and finding projects a whole lot easier when those “call for entries” roll around; and 2) it validates that you actually DID something. Public relations efforts are so hard to measure as it is, and media coverage is just one of many, many ways PR practitioners can show tangible evidence of the efforts. 

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