Rain, blues and Osmonds

The first day of the week and the dreary weather described my feelings to the letter. But on the brighter side of things I knew we had our first official training session with Robbie Ray. I went to the gym excited to get working towards those too-tight jeans. After a quick warm up, Robbie had us stretch out just enough to get loose. Fun fact #1: If you stretch too much before working out, you won’t strengthen your muscles because they are too loose.

Then it was the moment we’d been waiting for— training time! Robbie had us at four different stations: push-ups, reach for the sky (like crunches but straight up), jumping jacks and squats. We did each one for 15 seconds before rotating. I felt pretty good after the first rotation, although push-ups are my arch nemesis. The second time through the rotations was a bit tougher. We did plank (holding yourself up on your elbows and toes straight, like a plank of wood), sumo squats (like regular squats but in a sumo wrestler stance with your feet apart), reach for your toes (crunches with your legs up) and cobra push-ups (flat on your belly with your hands under your chest and push up).

After a nice warm down, we headed back to the office worn out but energetic. Something about fitness training gave us all a buzz. We celebrated by listening to a little Osmonds music and Kris showing Kristen and I the “Yo-yo” dance. My Monday blues were gone as were I believe everyone else’s.

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