RBBB Media Day

As you all may know, the Greatest Show on Earth is here in Wichita through Sunday! Today John and I were up before sunrise as we escorted Surly to various media outlets. First, we went to KWCH for the morning show. Surly, whose “real” name is Sean Davis showed viewers how to make his culinary masterpiece, “Chicken a la Ringling.” Brian and Felicia were uber impressed with his creation and let me tell you, the smell was amazing! Next, we went to Clear Channel and met up with the AntMan, Chase and Cole and had a blast! Surly is quite charismatic and got plenty of triple-takes today with his clown attire. If you read previously, I am afraid of clowns and interestingly enough, so were several people at the media outlets! (Don’t worry, I won’t reveal your identity!) With each new introduction, Surly gained new fans and proved once and for all, clowns are nothing to be afraid of.

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