Re (cycling)

I recently rode my bike to the West branch YMCA , a first for me. It was part for the exercise and part because I wanted to save gas. Other than a leisure ride around the neighborhood with my kids, I have never ridden any sort of distance. Granted, according to Mapquest, it was a hair less than 4 miles. So I figured how hard could it be? I’ll be using “human powered transport” to work my muscles and reduce my carbon footprint.

An interesting thing happened as I was riding past the Farmers Market at 21st and Ridge Road. A man waved and simply said “keep up the good work.”  I don’t know if he was talking about the exercise or that I was saving money, gas and helping the environment by riding a bike instead of driving. Either way, it felt good that someone (a stranger, no less) noticed my efforts! 

I try and do my part to help the environment…I recycle as many products as I can. Our family switched our light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs as our other bulbs burned out. We use canvas bags and have designated “no drive” days at home. 

At Start-Thinking, we’re doing our best to save the planet too, and have been since day one. We too have a bike…it is lemon yellow and is prominently parked in our office. And yes, we do use it for short errands around downtown Wichita and Old Town.

We recycle too: plastic, paper and aluminum (download our cool signs). In fact, our six-person office produces only one small plastic grocery sized bag of trash a week. We use both sides of our office paper and file folders. We keep the temperature a notch warmer in the summer and a notch colder in the winter, and implemented a host of other initiatives to help reduce our impact on the environment.

But the thing is, this is not a new practice for us. We’ve always done this. Recent local news stories have highlighted companies and their green efforts as if it is the latest craze. Even the Direct Marketing Association announced its efforts to “go green.” Is this just a fad that will fade away after the excitement wears off? I hope not. It doesn’t take much to change something in your life to be earth friendly. Buy a reusable cup and fill it with water instead of drinking bottled water. Ride your bike to Dillon’s for that loaf of bread and use a canvas bag instead of answering the question “paper or plastic?”

Just start with one thing…and maybe someone will tell you to “keep up the good work.”

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