Robbie’s Fitness Alphabet : A-F

Today for Thinking Fit we did more than work out, we caught of glimpse of Robbie‘s Fitness Alphabet.

A is for Abs: Today we did about four sets each of touch the sky and leg lifts.

B is for Back and Balance: We do a lot of exercises to strengthen our back and gain balance.

C is for Contralateral: Standing on one leg and lifting weights with the opposite arm is an example of a contralateral exercise that helps with balance.

C is also for Concentric: Think of the muscle contracting when you are lifting a dumbbell for a bicep curl. Most of the time people think this is the most important part of the lift.

D is for Do something nice for someone else: Robbie believes that when you do something nice for someone else good things will come your way. We are all supposed to do something nice for someone else by Friday.

E is for Eccentric: Think of the muscle lengthening on the downward motion of the bicep curl. This part of the lift is extremely important in helping build up strength and muscle. Most people cheat themselves by not making this motion a slow and smooth movement.

F is for Fitness and Fun: It is called Fitness with Robbie Ray. Robbie thinks you should have fun and smile often while you work out.

Contralateral/Eccentric Exercise

Contralateral and Eccentric Exercise
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