“Small Project” could be sign of big issues

Earlier this month, Rodger Roeser of PR and brand development firm Eisen Management Group asked PR agency owners what they would you do if a client hired a competitor for a “small project.”

Honestly, this would put me into panic mode as I worked myself into a tither wondering, “Is the client thinking of dropping us?”

After a few deep breaths I’d meet with the client to make sure they understand the full scope of our team’s capabilities and point out that because we know the client’s business so well, ramp up time on new work is always minimal compared to what a new partner requires (and will bill for).

I’d also remind the client of our exclusivity clause and point out that we don’t work with their competitors and are hurt that they’d consider working with one of ours. This would be followed up with an education on how and when we feel it’s appropriate to work with other entities to bring success to a client’s  objectives without compromising the strategic plan.

Rodger’s question serves as an excellent reminder of a requirement of agencies to communicate their capabilities to clients on an ongoing basis and that we need to be thinking about client service always.

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