Tonight was walk number two for our team. Pinch hitting for Molly, who had Hippodrome rehearsal, was Kristen’s Basset Hound, Arnold. He was a real hit with the hoards and masses )boy did we see a lot of friends) walking the streets of Oldtown and Downtown, scurrying about in advance of the Elton John/Billy Joel concert at INTRUST Bank Arena and the KU/K-State game.

We’ve had a company bike– her name is Larry– since we opened and it looks like Avion Photography has one too. Theirs weren’t the only windows we looked into. Arnold drew our focus to Howerton + White because they had a dog in the lobby. When we took a closer look, we noticed that like Associated, they too have their Wichita ADDYs proudly on display.

Again, the walk reminded me of how great it is to work in a neighborhood. Beautiful weather and big events brought a lot of people to our neighborhood. I hope they’ll be back.

Kristen covers the evidence of Arnold's accident with dirt.

pretty pink bike at Avion Photography

Howerton + White shows off their Wichita ADDYs