The Competition

Today we spiced up our workout with Robbie Ray with some relay competitions. Although the goal was to support each other, there was a look of “you’re going down,” in our eyes. Kris and Molly competed against each other first. The race consisted of 10 push-ups, lunges down to the mat, 10 touch the sky, shuffle back to the other mat, 10 cobra push-ups, lunges down, 10 touch the sky and a final shuffle back. They did all of this in 1:58.

Next up was John and myself. John was flying. His push-ups are killer and can touch the sky like no other. He got done in 1:20 and I was behind him with 1:30. Kris and Molly went for another round and each improved on their previous times. Molly received 1:20 on this round so John could feel the pressure. John and I went again and he got his final time to 1:16. Although John had the best time, we all were motivated to improve on our times and had a blast.

Sometimes it’s necessary to have some friendly competition to encourage each other to try harder and accomplish more.

Showing off our muscles.

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