The results are in.

Here are the results of my fitness test: Pass; good attitude, room for improvement.

This afternoon was our first day in the gym. Robbie put us through a series of tests to get a baseline for where we are physically: balance test, squats, stretch test, push ups, plank, 1000 meter row. We also weighted in, measured body fat and took our heart rate at the peak of our workout.

I had some surprises. I thought for sure I’d ace the balance test. Nope. And I thought no way would I be able to row 1000 meters. Wrong again. I did great on the rowing and my heart rate was only 123. I know I have some serious poundage to lose to get back to my size 4/size 6 body and now I know how what percent of my body is fat (totally depressing) and how much work I have ahead of me.

One of the most helpful things Robbie had us work on this week was our food log. I realized I am not eating enough in the afternoon. I generally eat a healthy lunch (this week with Nicole Howerton, Dan Loving, John Thompson, Sean Amore, each of whom is supportive of and engaged in their own Thinking Fit) but really should snack on a piece of fruit, some nuts or sugar-free Jello mid-afternoon to keep my energy up. Robbie has customized food logs for us to use but I’ve also used and highly recommend Fit Day. It’s an online food log that also calculates your vitamin and mineral intake– helpful regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight.

One thing I doubt I’ll be wrong about is sore muscles, which I expect in about 20 hours. But no pain, no gain, right?

Robbie gives John instructions on the stretch test.

Kristen concentrates on the body fat portion of our fitness test.

Kristen is wearing a shirt from Heroes Sports Bar that she won at beer thirty one Friday BEFORE we were Thinking Fit.