Thinking Fit on the go

Our Thinking Fit blog is filled with recipes and tips on eating well while at home, but Thinking Fit doesn’t stop at home. Even when you are on the go, there are ways to maintain a healthy, Thinking Fit lifestyle when you are away from your normal surroundings.

One significant way is  portion control. We have all fallen victim to unhealthy dining while on the road and eating large meal portions while eating out at restaurants. To combat this, consider splitting a meal with your dining companion. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy a meal and allows you to leave the restaurant with less calories to worry about burning off. If you must get fast food, order from the kids menu (I am a HUGE fan of the Fresh Fit choices Subway encourages for Subway Kids). This allows for smaller portions and sometimes, a fun souvenir to keep or to share (I LOVE the reusable meal bags Subway uses and the Sonic Wacky Pack contains premiums that I keep on hand for my niece and nephew and other young friends that sometimes need to be entertained in the car).

Planning is key on vacations. While visiting the sights and sounds of a city, I try to leave some unplanned time to walk around and discover new spots. Technology has been adapted in a way that makes finding hole-in-the-wall establishments easier. You may find a new favorite restaurant that you never knew existed had you based your trip solely on brochures and travel guides. Then you can recommend places to your friends and they will return the favor.

Exercising does not require a gym. Hotels are putting emphasis on fitness rooms and providing equipment and sometimes DVDs and fitness programs for their residents. I always pack a swimsuit in case I want to swim some laps. There are a multitude of exercises that can be done using the space and furniture in any standard hotel room. I’ve developed an entire head to toe workout that helps me stretch, realign and work off tasty treats that I find irresistible when I travel.

You don’t have to interrupt your healthy lifestyle while on vacation and keeping a healthy regiment does not have to dampen all the experiences of being on vacation. Just maintain a balance, so there is no need for catch up when you arrive home.

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