Thinking Fit, we hit the streets.

Robbie asked us to take at least two 30-minute walks this week before our fitness assessment on Friday. This presented a good opportunity to give our workout schedule a test run and we scheduled our walks at the times we’ll be at the gym in coming weeks.

Kristen's ready for a walk.

At 2pm today, we hit the streets for our first 30-minute walk. I forgot my shoes and so did John. But Molly was prepared and so was Kristen. Also scheduled during this 30-minute block of time was a planning meeting for one of our clients, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which will be at INTRUST Bank Arena in June 3-6. (Don’t bother asking; I have no idea why it’s not on the arena’s calendar yet).

I had something to drop off for Justin Hoppock at Associated so we incorporated that errand into our walk/meeting. The reception area at Associated is upstairs so **bonus** we also had the opportunity to climb some steps. We were delighted that Associated had their Wichita ADDY Awards on display in their lobby AND that Sean Amore waved at us.

That's Sean Amore waving in the background.

During our walk we also ran into Chad McClure, who had stepped out of his office for a breath of fresh air. Seeing some of our work neighbors was a nice reminder of the benefits of having an office in Oldtown.

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