Wiggle Wednesday

So this Wednesday started off great as a bright sun shining day. The morning rolled along slowly then came the rain. We were all a little bit sluggish today. As Kris mentioned to Robbie, we needed a wiggle Wednesday, something to boost our energy during the day. We determined that not filling out our food logs for Robbie at the beginning of the week may have been the cause for our rainy day blues. Without our logs we weren’t keeping track of what we were eating. I never thought writing down what I eat and drink would make that much of a difference, but I was so wrong.

In training today we focused mostly on cardio and getting our heart rate up with some jogging in place and several sets of four exercises for five minute intervals. We also took a stroll and jog around the block with a pit stop at the corner for some jumping jacks. The workout was good since we were constantly moving and working on endurance. I’m getting ready for Friday’s workout – cobra push-ups ain’t got nothin on me.

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