ZING ZANG ZOOM into the real world

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ZING ZANG ZOOM circus has come and gone. Third week of my internship here at Start-Thinking and I have already had lunch with elephants and met a women who gets shot out of a cannon (by choice and by her husband!). Not many people can say that.

Opening night Thursday started out with a trip to KSN with Tina Miser (pictured here with Mark Davidson & Leon Smitherman, the KSN Morning News team), one of two human cannonballs. We then went to KAKE with the Boss Clown, who lost 180 pounds in nine months in order to follow his dream of being in the circus.

The Ringling Bros. circus was quite the adventure with disappearing elephants, human cannonballs and Russian fire swings. I love learning behind the scenes stories and how people come together to put on a great show. Molly was right, it was good to feel like a kid again. I now see why they call this “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

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