American Heart Association Heart Ball

I had a great time working on the decor for the American Heart Association Heart Ball, an annual fundraising event that is held each year around Valentine’s Day. This year I worked with Kristin Ghere (American Heart Association), Kerry Sallabedra AIFD (Valley Floral Company), and Shelia Tigert (New York Life) – a great team.

The event afforded me the opportunity to premiere a new Gobo in Wichita. A Gobo is a metal disc with a cutout pattern or logo that when used with theatrical lighting, casts a positive of the image on a wall, ceiling, or floor. I chose to use this particular Gobo because it visually connected the decor to the invitation, creating a design throughline. You can change the color of a Gobo by adding a color filter or light gel. This event had a black, white and red color theme so I chose a red light gel that caused the cutout on the Gobo to project in black, against a red backdrop.

A glass Gobo allows you to project full-color images on your wall, which is an excellent low-cost, high-impact way to add decor to help fill a large space.

Dream Grill gobo

"Dream Grill" Gobo

For this event, I used another technique to break up a solid wall in the event space: spandex. Stretching white spandex, or “wings,” on the stage created an additional dimension that when combined with lighting, stretching, twisting, or pulling can yield something quite remarkable.

Spandex wings

spandex "wings"

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