Diversity is about more than race.

Generally, when people think of diversity, they think of it in the form of race. Yes, race is a main component of diversity, but focusing solely on race leaves out several other key differences. As a recent graduate and African American women currently job hunting, I understand that while interviewing with potential future employers they may meet me and think “Hiring her would fill our diversity quota.” While this is true, I am more than just an African American woman. I am organized, task-oriented and have a special place in my brain for random trivia knowledge (if only I get on Cash Cab).

The premise for this blog came from an article in May’s issue of PRSA Public Relations Tactics titled “Survey: Diversity a top priority for leaders” by Rochelle L. Ford. Using a survey done by AchieveGlobal, Ford explains that diversity is one of the six “zones” of leadership. AchieveGlobal defines diversity as “leadership who values and leverages human differences, including gender, ethnicity, age, nationality, beliefs and work styles.”

Take the Start-Thinking office of interns for example. Between the four of us , there are various educational levels, religious beliefs, hobbies, interests and career goals. Collaborating on projects with these human differences helps us not only learn about each other but also about the multiple ideas surrounding public relations. I think public relations leaders, especially those that are involved with the hiring process, should take all these forms of diversity into consideration because collaboration with human differences will help your company effectively communicating with diverse publics.

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