Engage or Die: 5 Twitter Tips for Businesses

In Brian Solis‘ book “Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate and Measure Success in the New Web,” Brian updates a Forbes magazine list of Top 21 Twitter Tips for businesses to follow to engage with their audience. From Brian’s updated list of 21, I decided to pick the five that I thought were most interesting. So here are, in no particular order, my Top 5 Tips for Businesses to Engage on Twitter:

1. Conversation Marketing
436 employees of shoe company Zappos are on Twitter. Instead of constantly discussing his brand, the Zappos Twitter is filled with links to articles and inspiration quotes to facilitate conversations with followers. My personal favorite: “Great opportunities lie in doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.” If Zappos was not the Twitter handle, it would appear that this account belonged to anyone,  humanizing the Zappos brand.

2. Focus Groups
Business can use the conversations on Twitter as focus groups for no cost to be up to date on what the attitudes about their product to their audience. As much as the company can communicate with their audience, they should also do an equal amount of listening.  Morgan Johnston, Manager of Corporate Communications at JetBlue, saw complaints on Twitter about the $50 fee for carry-on bikes and later eliminated the fee.

3. Business Development
Businesses should stay in the loop not only the attitudes of their products, but also the attitudes of their competitors’ products. When companies see that there is dissatisfaction with their product, there is an opportunity to receive some new audience members.

4. User-Generated Change
Change can start with a small group of people. The first and arguably the biggest Twitter revolution for change was the protest of the Iran Election in 2009. Green tweets filled the Twitter home page in support of the protests.

5. Words of Wisdom
Last, but not least, through the tips listed above, when engaging with your audience responding and listening are two of the most important components. Taking the time to assist current & future employees with their concerns and questions can position your brand in a positive light.

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