Going Green for the Weekend

Our office has always made an effort to be green. We recycle, reuse water bottles, ride our bike to work and around town, and have moved to being almost paperless. At home I also recycle, switch my light bulbs to energy saving and reuse my towels after showers. It’s easy enough to be green at work and home; but what about on vacation?

This weekend we went up to Kansas City for a Tegan and Sara concert. My boyfriend and I stayed at the Q Hotel and Spa. Named the first green hotel in Kansas City, the Q is conveniently located in Westport within walking distance of several shops, restaurants and bars. Our car stayed parked in the same spot because we were able to walk or use the hotel’s shuttle service. The shuttle would take you within a three mile radius to your destination in a hybrid car or for the big groups in a 15-passenger van. If you felt like going somewhere nearby a little faster than walking, bicycles were available.


The rooms were smaller than average allowing for better use of energy when heating or cooling the room. There was a recycle bin in the room and a shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser in the shower. It is crazy the amount of waste those little shampoo/conditioner bottles in hotel rooms make. Most hotels will throw them away once they’ve been used. The dispenser makes it convenient to grab what you need and take less time in the shower, thus saving water. Another green initiative they highlighted was reusing your towel. It’s really easy to hang your towel up to dry and reuse it the next day. You can view the other steps they take to go green here.

Dispenser Recycle

Overall, I felt like it was easy to go green this weekend. Staying in a hotel that takes steps to be green and was within walking distance to our destination was a no-brainer. We also checked out Arizona Trading Company and got a couple of items of clothing. My boyfriend is a giant so it’s difficult for him to find jeans that are long enough. Luckily this second hand store had like-new pants that fit him for less. Buying what others don’t want is a great way to keep waste down. We also ate local in our during our green weekend. Blanc Burgers is a great burger place on the Plaza that uses local farmers for their meat and vegetables and a local bakery for their buns. Eating local is the best way to eat fresh and save on packaging and shipping.

Next time you go on vacation see what you can do to go green.

Have you stayed in a hotel that has made steps to go green? Share some of your experiences.

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