Graphic Design for Kids– and Adults too

Today, professional communicators are expected to be a lot different things. Many of my young colleagues earned degrees in Integrated Communications and as they enter the workforce, are expected to be proficient in many elements of communication– advertising, marketing, public relations, digital media, website design, research, event planning, graphic design… The list is endless.

Personally, I don’t think it’s fair to expect a single person to be able to execute at expert level across more than a handful of these areas. However I do think it’s fair to expect professional communicators to be well versed in all components of communication.

Consistently, I find that communicators in the public relations and technology sectors fall short in their understanding of visual communications. This isn’t a criticism because truly, I don’t expect everyone to know everything. But now there’s help. Great help. Fun help.

Pamela Pease has released a new installment in her Design Dossier series, this time on graphic design. While the purpose of the series is to introduce kids to the exciting world of creativity and innovation, the Graphic Design edition provides a solid foundation in elements, milestones and graphic design process that will prove useful to adults working in a variety of communications fields.

We’ve added it to the Start-Thinking library and I encourage you to add it to yours.

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