Highlights of Kris’ Week

Highlights of my week:

  • Connecting: I had THREE phone conversations (remember those?) with people I met on Twitter. I love connecting with people on Twitter, especially when it leads to new business opportunities or allows me to use my connections to help a PR colleague from out of town land a feature story on a cool community art project she’s trying to promote.
  • Mentoring: Some PRSA Kansas colleagues and I met with students at Wichita State University to encourage them to reactivate their PRSSA chapter. I enjoy speaking to college groups (in fact will speak to a social media class later this semester). Students and young professionals honor me by asking for advice and begging me to allow them to volunteer on client events. Interaction with them provides a unique, two-way learning experience that I hope benefits them as much as it benefits me.

    I also met and have been interacting with soon-to-be PR pro (If you ask me, she’s already a pro.) Mikinzie Stuart through Twitter and on her blog, http://theprepguide.wordpress.com. I think it’s important for PR pros to be in tune with our future colleagues. Related, our intern Molly and I have been working on her learning objectives for the semester and we’re going to turn them in to her advisor next week. The process has provided me with a lot of insight and prompted me to work with others on our team to develop their own set of learning objectives.

  • Remembering: I went to a memorial service for PR colleague Bill Morris this week. I suppose you could say I didn’t know him well but I always felt a strong connection to him and wanted to honor him by being there. I knew his daughter when she was in high school and I was a youth group leader. I have always been impressed with what an insightful young woman she is. I attribute her beauty, strength and artistry to Bill’s influence. At the service I realized Bill had influenced a lot of people, including me.
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