Hope 4 Hana

A past colleague of mine gave me a call last month asking if our company would like to create a look for a fundraiser benefiting Hana Choi. Hana is the only surviving victim of the tragic March 15 automobile accident that took the lives of her twin sister, third-grade brother and mother. Hana’s injuries are so severe that she may never walk again.

The fundraiser is a bowl-o-rama. After thinking through some names with her and others the Hope 4 Hana Bowl-o-Rama was born. For the identity, I took a trip back to bowling alleys from the 50’s. I love the retro look and feel of bowling posters, gear and colors. The theme for this event is to create hope, the look had to be cheery and bright.

I played around with colors using turquoise as color for the H’s. After reviewing it with fresh eyes and presenting it to the team we decided that by turning the H’s pink the image stood out more and gives it a more girly style. The logo went on t-shirts so it was important for them to not have too much pink; otherwise elementary school boys wouldn’t want to wear them.

The final logo.

This was a fun project to take part in. I enjoyed the opportunity to improve on my design skills and give the client something that they can be proud of.

The Hope 4 Hana Bowl-o-Rama will be held May 23rd at The Alley from noon to 4:00 p.m. For more information on the event and to see how you can donate to the Hana Choi fund visit the Price Harris Communication Magnet PTO website.

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