“I like it!”

One of many things I was pleasantly surprised about my internship at Start-Thinking was learning about the mid-day workouts two times a week with Robbie Ray. As I learned more about Thinking Fit, I loved everything about it.

So Monday and Wednesday, we walk down to Robbie’s studio for an hour of sweating. My favorite part of working out with Robbie is that things are always changing. No one day of workouts are the same as the next and no one body part is targeted the same each day. Generally, I tend to work out better with a group of people instead of alone. Breaking up our afternoon with some exercise is beneficial and gives us the energy to finish the rest of the day’s work. One of Robbie’s favorite exclamation is “I like it!” and Thinking Fit with Robbie Ray is something I like as well.

Stayed tuned to see what happens next week when Robbie’s in Jamaica and we have to think fit for ourselves.

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