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Some of my vices are video games and movies, so naturally being a design geek I tend to look at their marketing plans a little more closely than the average bear. Recently, three have really stood out to me. Step Brothers, NCAA Football 09, and Battlefield Bad Company.

Step Brothers is a movie starting Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. They have taken a very basic movie trailer and made it interactive. The story is about two grown men who live at home with their respective parents. Their parents get married to each other, making Ferrell and Riley’s characters’ stepbrothers. One thing about brothers is that they are always fighting. In the trailer, they are arguing over who is really “your” best friend. At you are given a brief overview of the situation. On the next page, you enter your name, phone number and a even upload a picture. Then you watch a little skit about which one of them is “your” best friend. There are a lot of surprises, but I am going to be nice and not ruin the whole thing for you. But it is a must see. You can even send these clips to your friends. This is one of the best ways that I have seen to even promote a movie.

NCAA Football 09 has taken a different approach by creating a community for fellow fans to go and converse. Go to and browse around their blogs, forums, leader boards, screenshots, and even video from players in the United States that uploaded their own videos to the site. One cool thing is the avatar creator. Its’s different from most avatars because you have to play the game and earn credits to upgrade your avatar’s clothes and accessories.

And last (but not least) is Battlefield Bad Company. This probably took the most steps forward in pre-release marketing that I have seen. If you are not all up on the video game scene, most of them want you to pre-order the game, so they can gauge how many copies of the game to send out on the release date. Until now I have really never the desire to purchase a game before it was released. The biggest deal was that if you preordered the game you would receive a special “unlock” unavailable to others. If you bought the upgraded version of the game (gold edition) you would receive five more “unlocks” that most people would never experience until they reached the highest level of the game.
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If you see examples of innovative marketing please let me know. I am always looking for ideas I can incorporate into some of our strategies.

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