Is any experience good experience?

Earlier this week I was having a discussion with my father about my plans for the fall. I’ve been looking for both internship and entry level opportunities. My dad has a pretty old school mentality. Traditionally, I would already have a job offer directly out of college graduation and have worked somewhere for over a month now. Well I don’t have to tell you that times have changed.

His preference is for me to find an entry-level position at an organization in the area, work for a year or so, get some experience and references while still searching for an ideal position. He does not see that an internship can provide very similar benefits, which is my standpoint on the subject. I think connections are a significant component to the job search, now much greater than before. So if any opportunity comes your way, I don’t want to judge it based on whether it is entry level or an internship. Some internships may provide more relevant experience than an entry level position and visa verse. I think ultimately, you get out of an opportunity what you put into it.

Having only experience in the internships, I would love to get some feedback on the entry level side. In terms of judging things like work ethic, commitment, does one give the perception of being more advanced than the other? Do connections mean more with entry-level as opposed to an internship?

From a perspective employer standpoint, is an entry-level position better than an internship when you are looking at future employees? Is any experience good experience?

Internship vs. entry level? Pros and cons? Please leave your comments below.

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