Learning To Understand Visual Messages

Communication is important, that much is a given. The extent to which communication is important, however, is often underestimated. Communication serves as the basis of all human progress, whether it be communication between people, between one person and his subconscious, or even between a person and their surroundings, communication is happening on all fronts at all times.

Never is communication strictly lingual. Visual imagery provides a message just as much as words and sentences, and often in more personal of a manner than language can provide.

This understanding is the basis behind the field of graphic design, though regardless of your design experience or where you stand in relation to design, it’s important to be able to read visual imagery and to decipher the message that is being sent out by it. Colors, shapes, lines, contrast, space, are all elements that together compose an idea or a feeling that is conveyed through the image.

Each person perceives things in a different way. However, based on social conditioning and general ideas that are shared among society we can pick out a general feeling or message that any visual imagery gives out. Finding this general message, alongside how individuals’ perceptions of the image may vary will allow you to strategically plan how your audience is impacted.

Visual imagery and presentation are more important than most would care to admit. The lines, colors, and shapes can make impressions on a person that occur deep in the subconscious, and understanding these impressions is crucial to delivering a truly effective message in communication. Taking time to make sure you’re conveying the right message with you visual elements can be hugely beneficial in the long run.

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