Mark Flickinger Branding – Part One

Mark Flickinger came to us with a problem: The Sherry French Gallery, the gallery that represents Mark in New York, was really bugging him to get a web site up and running so that they could have immediate access to some of his work without having to rely on e-mail or even worse – snail mail. In our first couple of discussions about this, we realized that what he really needed was a “brand” that would establish Mark in each of the markets where his work is shown but also on the web, where he is currently almost non-existent, but needs to have a presence to show his work.

American Artist had also contacted Mark, expressing an interest in a feature article in one of their upcoming issues. Mark was really overdue for a make-over.

The first step was to nail down a logo. What is the primary thing that an artist has to set himself apart from the artist at the next easel?  His signature. Mark has a very distinctive signature that was easy to convert to a logo. I chose to brand Mark with his signature because I though it was the most effective way to give his paintings and all of his other collateral pieces the same look and feel.

One of the things that I have learned about color is that in many cases, it is just as important as your mark or logo. But it’s so personal that it can be hard to talk about. Lucky for me, since Mark is a painter, our conversations about color conversations went pretty quick.

So with the decisions made to use his signature as the logo and brown (a prominent color in Mark’s work) as the color, I was able to move forward with the collateral pieces, which came together pretty easily.

Take a look at the print collateral we landed on and let me know what you think.

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