MS Society Dinner of Champions 2007

Sometimes what is important is not what we do but how we do it. Case in point, the collateral that was created for MS Society’s Dinner of Champions in the fall of 2007.

2007 Dinner of Champions event collateral

2007 Dinner of Champions event collateral

My objective was to use the collateral to brand the event and of course I wanted to make sure the end product supported the new colors and new brand that had been rolled out on a national level earlier in the year. I had a leaf motif that I wanted to use but the mechanics of the project were too much for me to tackle on my own. At the time, our creatives Matthew and Blake were working on a per project basis so I couldn’t use them for this pro-bono project. I devised a plan to get our creative sponsored by Wichita magazine.

I approached Associate Publisher Chris Elston about coming on board as an event sponsor, their piece being an ad in their September/October 2007 issue, a feature on the triumphs and trials of Nola Foulston’s battle with MS, post-event photos and some graphic support in the form of the aforementioned event collateral. In return, they received a table at the event, were permitted to hand out magazines at the events and they had their logo on everything attached to the event.

I also approached Aimee White at Camera Angles about taking photos of the Hope Award honorees, Nola Foulston and Chris Shank, event chairperson Susan Peters and emcee Dr. Glen Patton. She graciously agreed and also received consideration for her participation.

I must confess, I think this was one of the better ideas I had for a client in 2007 because it came together so effortlessly. The lovely and talented Michelle Masood coordinated getting the subjects into Camera Angles for their sessions, I collected the photo images and delivered them with the leaf motif and some design concepts to the lovely and talented (and now award winning) Wichita magazine Art Director, Loni Woolery and the entire project fell into place seamlessly AND was recognized with local ADDY® Award and Clarus awards.

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