Old Town Workout

Today was our first workout in Old Town. We stayed within a two block radius of our office and utilized objects around us for an all around workout.

A walk at the beginning took us to the corner at River City Brewing Co. We did jumping jacks and squats for all drivers on 1st Street to see. Bench push-ups was our last exercise at this spot. By putting our arms on the seat part of the bench and our legs far back behind us we pushed through our palms to make the small movements. Many people think they have to go as far down as they can, but this doesn’t help to define the muscles it only puts more pressure on the shoulders.

Making our way down the block past Mort’s and around to Larkspur we used benches to do dips and more bench push-ups. In dips you act like you are sitting on the bench a few inches from it and use your arms to raise and lower your body. Don’t have a bench? Use your office chair to get the same effect. Great exercise for the triceps.

After jogging for a while we did wall push-ups on the backside of Heroes. Using the stairs leading up to justinmcclure.tv‘s office, we showed off our fast feet like in aerobics to get our legs moving. A fast jog back to the office and we were sweating. It was a lot of fun to be outside instead of in the gym or office all day long. It truly is our recess.

Want to join the fun? Follow our #thinkingfit hashtag on twitter to find a time that fits with your schedule.

Fast Feet

Fast Feet

Shadow Bench

Bench Push-ups

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