Our First Day with Robbie Ray

We had our first meeting with Robbie Ray this afternoon. He was really great about telling us that we weren’t going on a diet and that we’d be able to workout at our own pace. I can’t wait to start working out.
Ever since college I haven’t put a lot of energy into staying in shape. It was so easy then. Walk to class, walk to work, back and forth until the day was over and then walk home. Since living in Wichita, I got a membership at the YMCA. I was all gung-ho about it until I just lost motivation. It was crazy for me to keep paying for something that I wasn’t using. Then I took yoga class with Flora. I loved it, I felt so relaxed and free after every session, but once the class was over I continued at home for a few weeks and then I was done.
Robbie made us set three fitness goals to accomplish at the completion of our eight-week session. Mine are as follows.
-Get toned
-Better eating habits
-Stay motivated to continue working out after the 8 weeks is up
I think the toughest one of these is going to be staying motivated. But since the weather is warming up that’s the best motivation I could ask for.
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