Owning a Business in Old Town, Wichita

The first seven months of “living” in Wichita’s Old Town neighborhood have proven the decision to move was right. We’ve found so many benefits of doing business in the downtown core area. Working in this neighborhood feels good. Being amongst the historical buildings with the mix of new and old businesses is a nice backdrop for a quick bike ride to the bank and post office. Lunch locations are various and within a short walk and we’re convenient to all of Wichita. There are things going on here. More people are choosing to live in the core making it more vibrant and diverse. It’s so nice to see our upstairs neighbors when they come and go to work and school. Quite different than the suburban neighborhoods where people lock themselves behind garage doors.

I hope there will be a move to compress the town rather than continue to expand it. An office supply store downtown would be nice too.

RIPPLe Electronic Communications
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