Plan A

Ok, this post is just a little bit late. I have had this job for nearly a month now… but I’ve been settling in and haven’t had time to update.

I graduated this May and had been searching for most of my senior year for the perfect fit for my first full-time career. This was no easy task, especialy not in these rough times. I heard things like “oh, but the economy,” “we already had to lay off,” “hiring freeze,” “3-5 years experience,” and “If the budget wasn’t so tight things might be different…” so many times. But I kept looking, I kept sending my resume out, I prepared my online portfolio and I put on a smile at my interviews.

By some mix of my persistence, education and sheer good luck I found the perfect opportunity and Start-Thinking was willing to take a chance on me. I couldn’t be more thankful to have earned the opportunity to fill the position of account coordinator here.  We are a small firm, only 5 people. I love this because it is so personal. I get a chance to do a little of everything and if I have questions everyone is always willing to help me out.

I haven’t even worked here a full month yet and already I have had the privelege of working on some really exciting projects. My first week I drove to Salina to help with a viral video marketing campaign. (See previous post for details.) I have also given a presentation on social media to a local theatre group, started to get to know the clients and accounts I will be working with, become active in local professional organizations, worked on some copywriting and editing and even been pulled in to help with event planning.

It has been a wonderful transition to the working world and I know that my education and my previous internships allowed me this opportunity. I can’t thank enough everyone who helped me along the way.

I love college, but this “big-girl” thing is pretty cool too.

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