Pleasantly surprised

We had our first meeting with our new fitness trainer, Robbie Ray and I’m pumped up (no pun intended) to start now. I’m not going to lie, when Kris first said “fitness trainer” to me, I was dreading meeting the guy who would probably be yelling my butt into shape over the next eight weeks, depriving me of my favorite foods and handing me carrot sticks. But Robbie was a lovely surprise: he doesn’t believe in diets and he promised no yelling. He wants us to eat healthier but not cut out our favorite foods completely. Robbie wants us to look forward to our workout sessions, not dread them. He was explaining that he charges per session so no contracts— if you want to quit you can and that way you’re only paying for what you’re using unlike a gym membership that charges you anyway.

Right now, what I’d really like to work on is tightening up my body a bit. I wouldn’t say I don’t exercise since I walk to class, am in a dance class and participating in a show with dancing but it’s not a targeted workout. We are going to be putting our “inspiration clothes” up in our storefront windows so that we have something to encourage us at work. My inspiration clothes? A pair of too-tight jeans and a bikini.

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