Salvation Army Annual Report

Communication Arts is a great tool for our industry. This bi-monthly annual style magazine shows our team what is going on outside of Wichita, KS. One of the reasons I love CA is because it offers great inspiration and insight to the advertising, design, interactive and illustration communities. On their homepage they reserve a spot for recent webpicks. After discussing annual reports the other day, I just had to click on the link to the Salvation Army Annual Report.

The slideshow of photos on the homepage helps tell the story of the Salvation Army. I assume the report was mailed to a number of people since there is an option to download it as a pdf, but having it available online gives everyone the opportunity to view it. Combining the traditional style with the interactive elements of digital give viewers the option to click on the section they want to learn about. Another great element to this report is the message from the director. They could have just typed up the letter and put it in the respective tab, but they made it an interactive element as a video message. These simple additions make an impact on the viewer and remind us that annual reports don’t have to be mundane.

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